I’m Not Falling For This Music Writing

Please, read this article on my dream job.

Record stores: it’s not all bad.

Nice to see someone’s paying writers for the type of mash piece music fans write when they’re 17. A note on Wu Lyf, re the statement “NOBODY sounded like them,” as this article purports: this was true only if you hadn’t listened to about 8 other bands Wu Lyf evoked, specifically the Walkmen, or the criminally underappreciated Wilderness who, since gone silent, truly sounded like nothing before them, and maybe few since:

Two things I’m not falling for:

  1. Alarmist articles about major label distribution wings establishing 10K ordering-minimums for record stores. Anyone ordering stock for music retail knows large distributors have ridiculous minimums already, and you make every effort to not use them if you can get away with it, especially since their exclusive shit, to your good store, is just that: shit. Bands wanting their music to get into small stores need to make sure they sign to a label that can do that despite any deals the label may have with a larger label. If they care more about their stuff getting into Wal-Mart, sign appropriately. This could also be about one other thing: when small stores tank, they usually don’t pay their $5400 debt to Warners, and Warners knows it costs more than 10K to sue for it back.
  2. Another article on the cultural impact of headphones. Some nice writing in here by Ms. Petrusch, but mostly: Duh. Bob Power and Nick Sansano drop some wild comments as far as the impact of headphones on the technical side of recording, but the New Yorker fails to translate those comments from their original Greek.