I Hate Music. It’s Got Too Many Notes.

I tried it. From Friday morning through this morning, I neither listened to nor thought about nor read about music. And I didn’t miss it. An unforseen side effect did threaten, however: my standards might lower with lack of exposure. When a snippet of radio music in my sister’s car raised its ugly head in […]

Not Even Remotely Interesting

If I get another email about the Horrors, I’m gonna assault a publicist. Any publicist. Why don’t they know when it’s over? Because they’ve been paid. And so i can’t really blame them. Speaking of paid: Today plans to be one of the few, first hot days of the pre-summer in NYC. Nothing better than […]

Sidewinders Aimed at Love for The National

The National has sold out four of five nights at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom. Maybe even the fifth night by now. Now they’re also opening for Arcade Fire. And there’s documentary about their forthcoming album. And I’ve tried, I promise. I’ve crossed croc-crowded rivers for the National. I’ve excused the stupid fashion-victim sunglasses in the video […]

More Dream Covers

Can’t … stop … Cat Power – “Cat Scratch Fever” by Ted Nugent Lightning Bolt – “In a Big Country” by Big Country R. Kelly — “Teenage Riot” by Sonic Youth Alice Cooper – “Alice’s Restaurant” by Woody Guthrie (the political frisson alone makes my head explode” Chicago – “The Night Chicago Died” by Paper […]

Dream Covers part 2

Joanna Newsom – “Idle hands Are the Devil’s Playthings” Palace Brothers Boredoms – “Kings of the Wild Frontier” Adam and the Ants Bjork – Any X-ray Spex Animal Collective – “Elvira” by the Statler Brothers (that was them, right?)

My most favoritest music blog, and not just of the moment, and because while I hope I’m not too mainstream, I’m mainly a rock guy who’ll never have as good a handle on the type of stuff that 20 Jazz Funk Greats seems to gush like sweat and throb like gristle from an exercising extra […]

For the Love of Mike Johnson

So I took a week off, so what. My laptops’s dying. But injustice will spur a blogger back to action. For me, P-fork’s 8.4 rating for Dinosaur Jr.’s new album Beyond is so wildly overinflated and off the mark that this one review might be the moment when p4k jumped the shark. I certainly won’t […]