Dreaming Covers While Dreaming Beneath these Covers

WFMU is blowing my mind, at the moment, with a live Webster Lewis track.

And now, for something I’ve always wanted to toss off: Dream Covers.

This could be endless, by the way. Please make it so. Like they say on the cheesy radio stations, we wanna hear from you. Points go to those idea which pair artists and songs that are as unlikely to occur as they are perfect matches.

For instance

Mary J. Blige would cover the Beatles “Drive My Car”

is, to me, a more exciting cover for its unlikelihood, albeit perfect combo, than, say

Lightning Bolt would cover Master of Puppets in its entirety.

I’d love that, but of course they would. But if they covered the Boredoms’ debut, that’d be a challenge.

So here we go:

Leonard Nimoy: “Tequila”

Tom Waits – “Let Me Clear My Throat” (DJ Kool/Doug E. Fresh)

Justin Timberlake – “Don’t Forget Me” Harry Nilsson

Feist: “Too Shy” by Kajagoogoo

Grinderman – Cream’s “Tales of Brave Ulysses”

LCD Soundsystem – “Emotional Rescue” -The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones – “Why Can’t I Touch It” -Buzzcocks

Kelly Clarkson – Del Shannon – “Runaway”

Deerhunter – “Gardening at Night” REM

David Sylvian — “this Girl’s in Love” Bacharach (?) or was that Goffin/King?

Girl Talk – “The Letter U and the Number 2” by Negativeland

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone: “Requiem Por Un Con” by Serge Gainsbourg or “Another Lost Weekend” by Wall of Voodoo

Jandek – anything by the Clipse

Lightning Bolt – “I am the Sea” by the Who

Shearwater – “Here Comes the Flood” Peter Gabriel

Drones – “Kung fu” by Curtis Mayfield

Futureheads – “Boy Soprano” Xiu Xiu

Britney Spears – “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me” The Smiths