Seven Ways of Thinking About "The Art of Fielding"

Chad Harbach’s Art of Fielding via My Laziness. Overused poetic trope, I know, but for book reviews? Maybe novel. 1.When¬†amazing-hitting infielders lose their ability to throw to first, they become outfielders.¬†See: Chuck Knoblauch, Gary Sheffield, etc. The book gives no reason why this change isn’t made. Henry Skrimshander is the best hitter on the team. […]

Last week: big for indie music geeks. And the winner is: Deerhoof – “Breakup Songs.” Short and to the boogie-woogie-point, the point being your butt. Runner-ups:Cat Power’s “Sun.” I saw Chan Marshall in concert in 1997, and I saw her on the street last year near my home. Better-looking through chemistry. Better albums? Maybe. “Sun” […]