Blind Girl I Miss You

Dig it: In my previous post’s comments section, a debate rages about J Mascis and Evan Dando’s new Lemonheads’ single, “No Backbone.” What can I say? It’s raining out. While I enjoy Mr. Mascis’s work up through Green Mind, after which he lost his way and mind, I feel his soloing through Mr. Dando’s new […]

Touch Me I’m Radiation Sick

Rain. Makes me sleepy. And crankier than usual. X (the Aussie one) – I Don’t Wanna Go Out And violent, especially about the traffic I faced yesterday getting in and out of NJ for a (good) wedding. I’m staying inside, wearing an old WFMU t-shirt with a picture of a mole on it.Hammerhead – Mole […]

Tremendous Fucking

Back in the day, J Frank was a champion time waster. Not just lazy – he entered actual time wasting competitions, where he won prizes for his behavior, over a span of two weeks, as monitored by a panel of time-waste judges and professionals. This morning, I relived some of those competitions (held mostly at […]