A glass of milk, some goldfish crackers, and a nappy nap

Soapbox:Someone please tell me they saw or heard or read someone, anyone, anywhere, mentioning that the liquid-bomb-airplane plot, interrupted with arrests in Britain, was probably timed to occur just before American congressional elections that, without an attack, were/are/hopefully will replace our current government with one that will not engage terrorists in the way they’d like […]

So Much Love Lost

Arthur Lee, great of Love, passed away this weekend. No news there. But I can’t let today go without a comment or two: I came late to Love, like many 1980s teens who saw the Damned’s video (btw – did Alex Cox direct that? heard a rumor) for their wonderful cover of “Alone Again Or.” […]

Welcome to the Doomtown

When you take a day off, get up early. Believe me. You’ll be happier. Again time to reference the New Amsterdamer, in that the included short story by Edward P Jones delivers unlike most; depth, moving, entertaining, skillful like a stained glass window; not groundbreaking, as its style owes much to Garcia Marquez, but what […]

This never recapturing minutes escaped

No time today. But momentous events: J Frank’s comments section receives the first defensive maneuver from a musician he reduced! We love this thing. Fire away! The Changes have politely requested I remove their new tracks. Done. Nicely enough, they compensated with another track, which I will not post, that was better. Didn’t see that […]

Please Chew Your Influences Before Swallowing

J Frank got some leakage straight from the source. But biz before plez: Nice little piece on the Boredoms in the Neu Jorker this week, although J Frank scooped his fact checkin’ cuz SFJ about, oh, five months ago. And I made the Alice Coltrane connection before him. Nyah-nyah. Although I did enjoy Yamatsuka Eye’s […]

Minute Observations

Sorry for the radio silence. Thickness of events in the life of J Frank’s ghostwriter. Doesn’t mean that J Frank couldn’t meanwhile surf the web. Now then: thanks to former New Yorker Bill for putting me onto the debut, North Pole, by The Primary 5, an offshoot of Teenage Fanclub by TF’s former drummer Paul […]