Two More Reasons Why the New Lemonheads Single Bites. Yours Truly, the Supreme Polemicist

I do prefer ‘disputant,’ although not because it’s less pejorative.

Sebadoh – Skull

Sebadoh – Vampire

PS – an untimely event, in that it should have ocurred before Dando recorded “No Backbone.”

7 thoughts on “Two More Reasons Why the New Lemonheads Single Bites. Yours Truly, the Supreme Polemicist

  1. Mr. Parnell:Your jihad against the Lemonheads seems a little silly. Aren’t there any bands that are actually deserving of your wrath? Like, I dunno, 9/10 of the Sebadoh collection.


  2. My crusade was to reclaim the holy land of Lemonhead from Mascis, Mascis being the one who destroyed Mr. Dando’s halfway decent song. Although we can hold Dando responsible for opening the gates and allowing Mascis in. But please stay on message. The same stroke that had you typing gibberish has now taken your short term memory away. Again, you should get that looked at. It could be Tay-Sachs.As for Sebadoh, yes, some crap – Barmacy comes to mind – but I go back to <>Sebadoh III<> and <>Bubble and Scrape<> and <>Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock<> and <>Bakesale<> much more than I do to more than one or two Lemonheads records. Mascis’s post-Dino work and post-Barlow work proves he needed Barlow. Mascis can play the shit out of his guitar, but Barlow was/is a better artist and songwriter. By a mile. You might question even that, but that might help you finally see that you could be more retarded than the doctors and your parents have been letting on. Of course, Sebadoh was often the worst live act ever. <>Aren’t there any bands that are actually deserving of your wrath?<>Do you read this blog?Oh, and by the way – Mascis + Dando = The New Cars


  3. Mr. Parnell:What is wrong with the Cars. They had some really fantastic moments. Not as good as, lets say, the Modern Lovers, but a real solid band at times. Sebadoh’s best albums are 3/4 crap. Mostly, Lou’s songs are either great or passable, while the chumps playing along should have stayed in the zoo. They will have a great greatest hits, but aside from the very first collection of Lou playing guitar and tape loops by himself (no band), Sebadoh group was largely filler. And yes, they were crap live, insultingly bad. Like paying to watch a therapy session, a bad therapy session.We do agree, that Masic was at his best when working with fellow talent. But Dando is fellow talent and just gives Mascis a lot less room to work. Mascis is a shadow of his former self, we agree on that too. But…hearing the new single reminds me of the days when you were going to buy the the new Sonic Youth, Dinosaur, Meat Puppets, Husker Du, Lemonheads record and you just knew to expect goodness. No, it is not Flip Your Wig caliber, but the tone, the strum, the Mascis squals, all sound right to me. And heck, it makes my walk to work in the morning feel good. Dando and Mascis have reminded my ears that there is an American indie pop sound out there and it is refreshing (and please, no politics, this isn’t about loving America, this is about a sound that good American bands have that is discernable from Europe).


  4. Mascis + Dando = The New Cars Explanation:The New Cars is Todd Rundgren and some Cars guys but no Ocasek, no Orr (RIP). In other words:Mascis + Dando = Ringo Starr’s All StarsThe Cars sucked. Another band worth only their greatest hits, parts of Candy-O, and that’s it. Any album by Sebadoh is better than <>Where You Been<> or anything afterward. Heck, a couple albums by Sebadoh are better than <>Bug<> or <>Green Mind<>.I never knew to expect goodness when I bought music back then. Sometimes, I threw CDs out the window, they were that bad. I’m thinking of anything by the Meat Puppets after <>Meat Puppets II<>, most Sonic Youth after 1988, and Lemonheads today, August 31.


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