Replacement Replacement Dies at Age 49

Over the 8/23 weekend, drummer and car salesman Steve Foley died. Although he spent 22 minutes as the Replacements’ drummer, he was in the band long enough to appear in this video, both in person and in claymation. Betcha Mr. Mars was finally jealous, at least a little. Despite his short tenure, Mr. Foley gifted […]

Long fin killie , hollywood gem “Gun-toting, jewelerized foul mouth” “another myth in Melanin” Fantastic song about race and film and about songwriter/novelist Luke Sutherland’s fish-out-of-water-waking-nightmare in Scotland. I had no idea the video existed. I’ve written about them here (and here) but find all three records and keep them close. Sutherland is (sometimes?) Mogwai’s violinist. If that helps you […]

Beats Made 20 Years Ago

Dig it: Brian Eno & David Byrne’s new rekkid drops soon, and the first single is good. Download it here. Blatant promotion, and unpaid, too. But – I have history: 1988! I bought the cassette of B&E’s My Life in the Bush With Ghosts (1981), I’m guessing from the dollar castoff bin at Sam Goody’s […]