Beats Made 20 Years Ago

Dig it: Brian Eno & David Byrne’s new rekkid drops soon, and the first single is good. Download it here.

Blatant promotion, and unpaid, too. But – I have history: 1988! I bought the cassette of B&E’s My Life in the Bush With Ghosts (1981), I’m guessing from the dollar castoff bin at Sam Goody’s at the Rockaway Mall (NJ), and did so for its title and cover alone, really, although I admit I was getting into Eno heavily at the time after lucking into his Apollo soundtracks, and of course I was already well-acquainted with Talking Heads.

MLBWG didn’t go over too well in the car when friends co-rode with me. I was punched in the back of the head a few times, and possibly forced to play Iron Maiden.

I didn’t want to offer anyone a ride anywhere, I’d play it. I did get asked to be in a band (and was in it) after the bassist enjoyed being introduced to MLBWG while hitching a ride. Viddy this: an army-green 1973 Ford Matador station wagon, complete with a badass V-8, pumping “America is Waiting” though a boombox patched into the AM speakers. We’re stopped at a light. A Camaro next to us plays Samantha Foxx, its schmuck driver giving us the finger. We can smell his Drakkar. My friend Danny leans out the window and makes himself vomit. The Camaro floors it. Later, after a botched yard-donut, an angry neighbor asks Danny his name, and Danny answers straightfaced: “Gordon Lightfoot.”

I don’t know where he is today. He remains one of my better ghosts.


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