Here’s What You Get If You Get Deerhoof

Tuesday night’s Boris/SunnO)) show was underwhelming-ish; Boris was eager and infectious, but not what I expected — I was won over by their drone-rock vs. Melvins excursions, when I’d figured their boogie-MC5-Motorhead impressions would be the scratch for my itch. Either the sound was lousy, or the drummer was marching to a different bassist. Whoever […]

The Right Hand of Emily Dickinson

According to Snatchfork, Will Oldham’s new album is entitled Then the Letting Go. It’s probably safe to say he’s quoting Emily Dickinson:as freezing persons recollect the snow–first chill–then stupor —then the letting go — In other news, about me, I’m going to see SunnO))) and Boris tonight. Big show in all the Circles. Had to […]

Stockholm Monsters from the Endless Sleep

Desmond Dekker has died. I’m unprepared to offer a track. Whatever I own is all on vinyl anyway, and Emusic only has Dekker’s Stiff Records stuff, on which the Rumour (yes, them) almost destroyed ska and reggae forever. In the spirit of the Martin Hannett-focused post from the other day, Lost Whenever Friday will today […]

All Hate Editor Rock

There was a recent article in Business Week Online (thanks to the swell blog The Rich Girls are Weeping) that weakly attempts to diagnose music writing’s current (permanent?) sickness of overblowing milquetoast, Pottery Barn-ready stuff like Aimee Mann or Wilco. The article is so poorly written that it makes me reconsider my current laziness when […]

Nocturnal Emission of Burma

You want to love it. You want to be surprised. You don’t want to think that Mission of Burma, for all their musical prescience, for all their political consistency, and for all their anti-commerical power, are old hat. Their new album, Obliterati, doesn’t surpass anything they’ve done, and neither is it worse; unfortunately, it causes […]

Lost Oughts Friday

What’s the point of dumb lost 80s Friday or whatever if all my previous posts are pretty much the same theme? A man who can’t change his mind has a mind made of biscuit, goes some such quote by Capote or whomever. Let’s just make Friday Lost Friday. 80s, 90s, whenever, just something in need […]

Bad Mood Rising

Wolfmother: makers of hype-victims. Godawful horse vomit I thought died with Billy Corgan. There can only be one Led Zeppelin, and I don’t even like Led Zeppelin. Gnarls Barkely: a single from a waste of an album. Beirut: interesting & skilled but overrated — so far. Might just be too young. He should take a […]

A Soundsystem Lower than the LCD

Before his rare, over-30 indie triumph, LCD Soundsystem and DFA agitator James Murphy was the drummer for a brief thing known as Speedking, a one release wonder gone defunct soon after The Fist and the Laurels dropped in 1995. I have this on vinyl, bought from a dunderhead for nothing, and it’s otherwise somewhat rare; […]

Daddy’s Dead on the Lawn

I’m suddenly unable to listen to alt-country. This is a real problem, because although I don’t miss Wilco, for example, I do miss liking Uncle Tupelo. I just can’t stand it right now. And forget new stuff. Maybe the Sadies, but they’re stumbling lately, and maybe Neko Case, but I think she’s left alt-country for […]