If a Blog Falls in the Forest When No one Comments, Does it Make a Sound?

New York City. Where the Bluetooth has you wondering who’s the crazy guy and who’s not.

Aside from the swell vinyl Long Blondes 12″ I bought last Friday, I also snagged Zero: A Martin Hannett Story 1977 -1991, a compilation of choice cuts produced by the man who made his name by crafting Joy Division’s eerie sound for Factory records.

I see litttle use including common Joy Division and New Order tracks here, because anyone buying this comp must surely already own them, in addition to the uselessness of including the Psychedelic Furs’ “Pretty in Pink” (although I’m 23% embarrassed to admit I didn’t know Hannett had produced that track), but the remainder includes some hard-to-find-ish stuff, a relevatory track or two (see Wasted Youth below), and some sorely needed relistens, like Magazine.

Hannett was crazy. Really. Treated most bands like shit, but most of them had nothing to say other than “yeah, he’s batshit, called us names and fucked with our music, but it was great, so we shut up.” And then crazy turned to heroin, and then heavy drinking, and then ecstasy by the hour, and that lead to obesity and death by 1991. Great liner notes in this comp. And for JD freaks, the cover includes a reproduction of Hannett’s hand written notes and designs for the recording of JD’s Closer. A process which, like the recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken or stained glass windows, he never fully divulged or replicated.

Buy it somewhere. It’s out on Ace Records.

Wasted Youth –Rebecca’s Room

Magazine – The Light Pours Out of Me

Jilted John – Jilted John


4 thoughts on “If a Blog Falls in the Forest When No one Comments, Does it Make a Sound?

  1. Ha! Never knew he produced “Jilted John,” which I always referred to as “Gordon Is a Moron,” because it was easy to explain to bar patrons. Brits of a certain age usually recognized it because it was a fairly big novelty hit there, and they also forgot the actual title …I never got into second generation Magazine, maybe because it just never got to “I Love You Big Dummy” or “Shot by Both Sides” territory …The Wasted Youth is new to me. I only knew about the LA punk version. Pretty good …On an unrelated note, “Evil Eyes” by Ronnie James Dio is a good song.


  2. I knew of the Jilted John song too, but yeah, wild to know Hannett did it. The liner notes mention that there was an answer song, no kidding, called “I’m Gordon the Moron” or soemthing. The singer’s now a comedian on the BBC, left the comp at work, will check tomorrow.Same for me on the Magazine, but I hear “The Correct Use of Soap” is all you need anew. Nothing about Dio is unrelated. Like Jesus, he’s in everything and everyone.


  3. “New York City. Where the Bluetooth has you wondering who’s the crazy guy and who’s not.”NO KIDDING. God, that drives me nuts. Hey look! I found your blog, Mr. Parnell! Goodness knows why it took me so long, I thought you were one of those people that just had a Blogger account to comment. I rather like your writing!


  4. there is always a magickal comment, just waiting around the corner. i think its somewhere around um.. sesame street? when i download i run. but comments will come to you if you concentrate.


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