Old Man’s Back Again

Ok: third try to post. I hate the new google version of blogger, so far. I came to Pere Ubu late, but earlier than anyone currently in their twenties, I suppose, since I stole my vinyl copy of The Tenement Year from my college radio station in ’89 or ’90. Hey, I figure we’re even […]

Bill Callahan Melloncamp

First, I’d like to note: yesterday Prawnfork posted “Just as the Day was Dawning,” a new track from duo Big Business’s Here Come the Waterworks. I’d like to proudly point out that almost a frikking year ago J Frank Parnell posted for download and raved about the original version of this track, which appeared on […]

Pitchfork and Payola

Not gonna accuse them, but I’m going to point out: Patchfork eagerly pushes an album in the forkast section, to the point of whipping up hysteria, and then pans it in their review section, or at least doesn’t give it the rave you’d expect. Hence: Panda Bear gets a 9.4, and while the forkast really […]

Transmissions from the Planet Known as SXSW

Aka Austin. Now a corporate far cry from a sub-200 lb Daniel Johnston caught by MTV, SXSW now showcases bands as a vehicle not for labels to make money, but for those bands and their management to secure overseas tour deals and other distro options. Today’s NYTimes piece sums it up perfectly. We can also […]