Justice is Not Only French Duo

On my way to work on Broadway, there’s a homeless woman who often sets up out in front of a bank, a full camp of blankets and cardboard stuff. She spreads out. A large tabby cat sits beside her, on a leacs, in a box. I often see non-homeless people stopped and speaking with this […]


Hilarious comment on the NY Times’ Paper Cuts blog today, this one in response to a list of favorite music, by AM Homes, in Paper Cuts’ continuing music-top-ten-by-writers feature. She picks two Leonard Cohen songs, Lou Reed’s “Heroin,” A Johnny Cash Depeche Mode cover, Joni Mitchell’s “Blue,” Aaron Copeland, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, etc, and […]

The Kids are on Fire In the Bedroom

I’d been wondering what had happened to Kelefa Sanneh. I was often at odds with his music criticism in the New York Times, but his tenure as a New Yorker staff writer has surprisingly moved to serious journalism, an escape most music writers never manage. Many never make it stick, either, so the verdict remains […]