Justice is Not Only French Duo

On my way to work on Broadway, there’s a homeless woman who often sets up out in front of a bank, a full camp of blankets and cardboard stuff. She spreads out. A large tabby cat sits beside her, on a leacs, in a box.

I often see non-homeless people stopped and speaking with this woman — and she looks about as bad as homelessness gets — and they’re invariably addressing the care and condition of her cat. Some even seem to be lecturing her. Not that anything is getting though her schizophrenia-hardened face, but still – they’re determined. What she’s doing to this cat is just cruel.

I think it’s because this cat needs a home and some food. This cat needs health care, or some mental health counseling, maybe a stay in detox or a hospital. Next, we can get this cat a job. Because we care about cats. They’re so much like us.

First person to kill this cat and confirm it, I’ll give this homeless woman $100 and bus ticket to her family.


2 thoughts on “Justice is Not Only French Duo

  1. Hmm, maybe I should change my challenge: first person to strangle the homeless woman, I’ll give the cat $100 and a ticket home to its family. Does that seem right? If it was a child instead of a cat, no one would blink an eye.


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