Sleepers to Stream Right Now

Allow me to harvest for you. On Netflix now: The Tribe – Not only an unusually excellent movie available to stream, but the best movie I’ve seen in years. The Tribe follows a new student’s jarring experiences upon entering an Ukranian boarding school for hearing-impaired students that doubles as a criminal enterprise. There’s no translating Ukranian […]

Better Stranger Things: The Upside Down Playlist

Don’t get me wrong: I enjoyed all eight episodes of Stranger Things, and look forward to season two. Heaps done right: Matthew Modine & Winona Ryder as characters their 80s characters conceivably would have become, as adults. Banana seat bikes. D&D. Dimensional travel. Clairvoyance. Budding adolescence. David Harbour, formerly known as the only good thing in The Equalizer, is mostly […]

My Bloody Valentine Covers, Ranked

When bands cover My Bloody Valentine, most take a lazy shot at “When You Sleep.”  It’s a straightforward four-chord pop song, if naked. Covers of “Sometimes” are also common, if slightly more impressive. Anything else is rare. Granted, almost all of MBV’s recordings after 1988 defy easy coverage. And yet, pre-’88, they dropped some simple, twee […]

12 Joy Division Covers You Never Heard … About, in Lists of Great Joy Division Covers. And Ranked.

Another listicle corrective. I’m on a mission from God. There are too many “Great Joy Division Covers” listicles, many listing the same songs. Time for a new listicle. Let’s begin by excluding the 1995 Joy Division covers comp “A Means to an End.” Not to discount stuff on there (some of it far exceeding expectations, like […]