I Have Some Pet Peeve

1) I dislike people who stand right in front of elevator doors, waiting for them to open, so that when i try to get off, they’re in my way. Where would you like me to go? Oh, I’ll get back on and go with you. You’re going to the proctologist on the 10th floor? Cool, […]

For Those Who Do Nothing About Anything

For an hour the moon blocked by a monolithfurther darkens this evening apartment.I’d prefer the cool moon’s full absence.Not to mention a fuller compliancefrom the seasons, be it raw freezein January, or heat made permanentby June, rather than this shibbolethof dust and sunburn we call November. I typed this poem down a search enginelike a […]

At a Certain Moment in His Phonebooth, Superman is Guilty of Indecent Exposure

Alike to the advent of the automobile spurring a pre-marital sex revolution via newly affordable and portable privacy, today’s cellphone-forced obsolescence of the phonebooth has created a special opportunity for public onanists. Specifically, anyone needing a public phone ought to avoid the two at the southwest corner of Chambers and Broadway. Unless they want to […]

What’s Not to Like, Roy G Biv?

At sub-cd quality (160 kbs), In Rainbows fails to fully flip that final middle finger to major labels and distributors. If it was cd-quality, I’d say Radiohead had made men of themselves. But the fact that they’re putting out a cd in ’08 anyway (not counting the vinyl package; seems to be through them also) […]

The Long Ryders Were Psychic

And that makes me think of this: Whichever ’08 candidate who uses The Long Ryders’ “Looking for Lewis and Clark” as their campaign theme will get my immediate vote. This song made it through the wire to me at an early age, late at night on classic rock radio: “I thought I saw my president […]