Nyah Nyah: P-Fork Steals From Allmusic

Gotcha! Allmusic’s bio of Harry Nilsson: “Much of Nilsson’s notoriety stems from a period in the mid-’70s when he was a drinking buddy of John Lennon in Los Angeles (where Lennon was living during a separation from Yoko Ono). The drunken pair were thrown out of L.A.’s Troubadour club in a well-publicized incident, following which […]

Because I Love You and Hate You

So what’s to hate and love? The new Bonnie Prince Billy single as a swell Kenny Rogers cover: BPB – Buried Treasure Heard the indie-Asia known as Swan Lake. It’s a mess, and actually rehashes some of their individually older stuff. Too many cooks – dudes with such over-busy songwriting styles weren’t meant to collaborate. […]

Cats and Crowns

The Booker went to deserving title, although David Mitchell should have been at least nominated again for Black Swan Green. And because I’m more of a baseball fan than a Yankee fan, I’ll say it here: The Detroit Tigers are going to win the world series. Better still, I’ve been listening to the new Califone […]

Bad Poetry + The Tubes = The Hold Steady

Nothing is constant except change. The roundup: 1) You know why The Hold Steady’s new album sucks, and why they’re not what the Felchfork overhype says what they are? Girls don’t like them. 2) The Decemberists’ The Crane Wife is only slightly better than the Hold Steady’s new one. Meloy writes lyrics and sings, rather […]