Because I Love You and Hate You

So what’s to hate and love?

The new Bonnie Prince Billy single as a swell Kenny Rogers cover:

BPB – Buried Treasure

Heard the indie-Asia known as Swan Lake. It’s a mess, and actually rehashes some of their individually older stuff. Too many cooks – dudes with such over-busy songwriting styles weren’t meant to collaborate.

On the other hand, the new Curtains Lp, spinoff of Deerhoof, had me tapping my feet with glee.

Annuals? Weak. The Blow? I find ’em annoying, but can see the appeal.

The overhyped, while fun, Fujiya and Miyagi album Transparent Things isn’t anything astonishing, but proves again it’s who does it second, not first. Colder made two albums of this already.

The PJ Harvey Peel sessions disc, out soon, is frikkin’ dynamite.

New Voxtrot single sounds like Queen. That’s not a good thing.

Voxtrot – Trouble

Now doesn’t that suck?


11 thoughts on “Because I Love You and Hate You

  1. Mr. Parnell:While we disagree on the Hold Steady, I generally hold your blog in high regard. But why, oh why, have you resorted to posting Voxtrot? I hold this blog to a much higher standard. If you start posting Jose Gonzalez and Tapes N Tapes it will be time to find a new favorite blog.As an aside, I keep expeting you to delve into electronica, if only momentarily, but that has yet to transpire.


  2. As for electronica, I think I have written … haven’t I? Ah, the bloopy bleepy, as Mr Tapeworm calls it. There’s some good, some wretched. I think I just mentioned Fujiya&Myagi, they count, and a while back I wrote about Colder, a laptop guy. And did I write about Silver Apples yet? I tend to enjoy early electronica, Popol Vuh and the krauts, and then the Aphex Twin, sometimes, and Seefeel, and the Eno ambinet stuff, especially his Apollo moon stuff, but mostly the mix of live and electro is more interesting than any purely bloopy. But Boards of Canada, Mum, the Knife, etc all bore the ever living shitburgers out of me.


  3. The Annuals are my new punching bag.Um, Ramesh isn’t 100% happy with the way that new Voxtrot track came out, nor that it’s the preview for the EP. But you DID NOT HEAR THAT FROM ME.


  4. Bill – is that Thurs or Fri? anyway it goes down, call me. I can bellyup to that bar in my slippers, it being 30 feet of stumbling from my door. Ms. HPT: The Parnell lab, it being a music-y office-lab, has a pool going on the Beyotchfork Annuals review’s rating. I picked a 6.7, but that’s the lowest so far. Insiders who know other insiders tell me p-fork dislikes it and so the label is pushing hard, seeding blogs and chats with otherwise. Gossip. The lowdown is that it’s all skill, no weight, and just plain all over the map and childish in most places. They weren’t ready for prime time.


  5. Oooh, that’s kind of exciting. (I’ll go ahead and predict a 5.3 myself…) I can’t wait, that’s going to be a million times worse than the Cold War Kids debacle. Oh, and I knew Annuals really were awful when Ultragrrrl jumped on the bandwagon! Ha!I love gossip!


  6. Thursday for sure. Maybe Friday.Shoot me an email. I’ve got some SXSW info for you and I assume your old address doesn’t work.


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