Newish Release Roundup: Delinquency Defeated

M83Saturdays=YouthI’m happily eating crow with a mint chutney and sweet potato fries. I hate (read: hate) previous M83 releases, but I’m kablooey for this ventriloqiusm (me being the dummy) of good 80s euro-pop. Who cares about the (are they?) songs – he gets the tones right, from small touches like electric piano pinched from Bryan […]

I Was Working in the Prison With a Two Headed Dog

Dear Joe Tangari, today’s Pitchfork reviewer of re-mastered 2XCD deluxe versions of U2’s Boy, October, and War: First, a disclaimer: I believe U2 deserved a Lynryd Skynryd-style plane ride following Achtung Baby. And that’s being generous to Achtung Baby. Now: Please tell me you didn’t write this review before you heard these reissues? On the […]