By a River the Color of Lead

Two nights ago I finished watching Julie Taymor’s interminable Across the Universe, essentially Rent with Beatles songs. I can even hear her pitching it that way to the studios. It’s a noble and even interesting experiment, but done with a suspicious lack of care, considering the conspicuous electronic-pitch-witchery for many of the cast’s attempts at […]

So, Dig This Big Crux

The other day I received a wonderfully important email from a publicist — about their hiring of another publicist, something I’m sure I needed to know. Soon, I can hope to receive press releases about press releases, and promo CDs of recordings of label board meetings. Scott Walker – Use Me (Bill Withers cover, I […]

Contest: The Worst Blogs

Besides this one, what’s the worst blog ever? We hear so much about amazing blogs, even suffer books purporting to collect excellent blog writing (aka, a good agent tricks old media into a healthy advance), but I’ve never read anything with a big enough set to chance collecting those blogs effectively serving as the equivalent […]

Systems and Their Tragic Flaws

A friend and I have been backing and forth-ing about the current and final season of the best series ever produced for television. Reams have already been written (some better than others), but I’ll add: Few novels come close to the storytelling skill, importance, and breadth of the Wire. I almost want to call it […]

I Bring You Strong Enthusiasm

Here’s the third track from the Japanese version of the new Boris album, Smile, entitledBoris – [][]!(at least that’s what it’s called in bad windows translation of Japanese text. But the exclamation mark is theirs. The language of love persists.) I bring you strong enthusiasm for this track. What sort of badassness allows one to […]

I Am Here On Earth to Eliminate Tribute Albums

If I had the mental power today, I could maybe count on one hand all the tribute albums I find worth hearing, or maybe on two fingers. I do have the mental power today to suggest reasons for tribute albums’ general suckitude: labels forcing the participation of shitty new sign-ees, lackluster efforts on the part […]