I Bring You Strong Enthusiasm

Here’s the third track from the Japanese version of the new Boris album, Smile, entitled
Boris – [][]!
(at least that’s what it’s called in bad windows translation of Japanese text. But the exclamation mark is theirs. The language of love persists.)

I bring you strong enthusiasm for this track. What sort of badassness allows one to begin a song by echoing the breakdown/bridge/solo from Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and then sling distorted bass electro beats? I cannot measure that, not within words.

And as evidence of Boris’s noisy infatuation why sky-flung shoegazing, which here we will throw up terms like fuzz-gazing, metalgaze, or spacefuzzmetal. Another way to say less Motorhead, more Radiohead.
I offer this evidence, track five:
Boris – [][][][][][][][]
Until minute 2:10, when it becomes large, and bliss wets forehead like faucet droplets.

Buy it, and enjoy with pleasure.