Three Year Olds with their Heads on Straight

Jimmy Fahrenheit’s excellent son stated recently that “The Yankees are for boys, and the Mets are for girls.” True. I recall visiting Shea (once and never again) in ’86 and being stunned at how it resembled a New Kids on the Block concert more than a ballgame (Ron Daaaaarling!!!!). But my three-year old daughter’s a […]

The unsaid parental rules

Dig it: Imagine this at the Barnes & Noble table of worthless gift books, with my name on it (or the name of the connected asshole who already got an advance for it). Or imagine it arriving unbidden in your email from your Aunt, who sends you all sorts of stuff that was probably culled […]

We Bake Fresh Rhymes Daily

I just listened to Girl Talk’s new Feed the Animals. Missy Elliot over Ziggy Stardust, etc. Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” as a bed doesn’t need a re-use after Hoovertronics curbed that with David Banner six or so years ago. Not too inspired, but nifty just the same. GT is all about the hits and generational signifiers […]

The Light Was Green, But So Was I

Unprepared for how heartbreaking The Replacements, All Over But the Shouting: An Oral History would be, I read it while rocking my second child this past weekend, reflux-sufferer that she is (but otherwise healthy as an ox in all other respects), and now I will forever associate her infant-hood with tales of Bob Stinson walking […]