Spencer Davis Barkley

The indie rock TO, a friend involved with the Mission Creek festival in Iowa emailed me this morning with a heads up about their exclusive scoring of a newly sanctioned mp3 leak of “Run,” from the new Gnarls Barkley album The Odd Couple, due out whenever the whole thing leaks, since I’m guessing only about […]

New Release Roundup #2- So Much to Hate Less

Beach House – Devotion Surprisingly affecting, more focused and less meandering than the debut, but then again I was only looking for some background music while I washed the dinner dishes.“Gila” Sons and Daughters – The GiftMuch better than expected, thanks to S&D adding some fine new ideas to their chugging sound which, on the […]

New Release Roundup

Insound got sold to Warner’s (ok, ADA, but they’re about as independent of Warner’s as Sprite is from the Coca Cola company). Maybe Warner refused to take back all those unsold Bloc Party records. Are there no more indie sellers on the internet? Can we call Amazon indie? The Plug awards seemed to think so. […]

I Am Winner

After some redone math, it turns out I won last week’s football pool after all. I don’t even follow the NFL, which makes it even better. Bennie’s Thai, on me, for everyone (who lives in my apartment). Ride – Like a Daydream (Peel Session)

A Man With No Memory Makes No Plans

Idolator has recently offered a spate of posts recalling the 90s, and I’m increasingly convinced I was watching another decade entirely from ’90-’00. Not to slag their recollections. There’s nothing wrong with exhuming Jawbreaker, but there’s also nothing novel or earth-shattering about recalling them, either, at least not in the sense of holy shit, how […]