My Arms Are Open But My Hair Is Thin

Heard myself some Arcade Fire today, and realized I hadn’t listened to them much since 2006 because they make music that lends drama to those young lives that lack any real drama of their own. And now I’m too old for drama. Thus: the music of people giving up. Like Nico’s Chelsea Girl, or any Hank […]

Ariel Pink, and Why

Ariel Pink first flashed across my radar maybe in 2003? A video on the defunct New York Noise (a tear falls): low budget, washed images of a live band, as inchoate as their impressionistic song, less a tune than pulses of noise, as if the Partridge Family had been embedded in a warped, chip-damaged Atari 2600 […]

Crying Like a Car-Struck Cat

By everything, I didn’t also mean writing. Forgive me, oh blog. My separately occurring lows (parental death, physical injury, cyclical thinking requiring chemical adjustment, etc) outnumbered my highs in 2011 and 2012. But whatever happens transforms into never-again. How about that?  The music never left. There were taste changes. There were hate changes. New loves. […]