Just Like Money

Whaddya know, something to love: Up until today, when I learned that former Ride drummer Loz Colbert would be playing with the reunited Jesus and Mary Chain on their US live dates, I hadn’t really been excited about or even concerned with the reunited J&MC. In their day, they put on some pretty shitty shows, […]

Cuidado Cabron!

In Against the Day, Pynchon’s Icelanders season their ‘meat olaf’ with a violently-hot salsa labeled “Cuidado Cabron!” I’m such an easy laugh. Pynchon remains the best example of what a human being can do with launguage, sentence to sentence, and I have a feeling that many of this book’s reviewers may have been too stunned […]

Major Label Monkeys

If you ever doubted that ADA was truly independent of Warner Brothers, here’s proof that ADA’s parent organization sometimes racketeers the unit shifters: The Arctic Monkeys’ new album, Favourite Worst Nightmare, will not be released on Domino Records, as planned, but is now a late inning change to Warner Brothers Records. Translation: Less indie stores […]

Beware Dark Destruction

I’m repairing my washing machine while listening to Jandek’s Glasgow Monday. Jandek is reminding me that some people have it worse. Speaking of disturbed Texans: Since the prez played politics with it first, with his self-serving and needless press conference yesterday, I feel no shame at saying the V-Tech massacre makes me once again furious […]

Hmmmm – What Else Sucks?

Mirrored, forthcoming uber-hyped album by Battles, somewhat underwhelms. Tracks “Snare Hanger” and “Tij” offer head-nodding rhythms and inventive noise sculpture, but other tracks arrive like warmed over Yes outtakes, especially “Race In,” the almost unlistenable intro track. I can think of twelve albums like this, like those made by Ganger in the late nineties and […]

Orphaned by Sky Fires

Amid the mountains of recent weakness, I’m digging Star Destroyer by Alex Delivery, maybe an album and maybe an EP, although I vote for the former, since most tracks are seven to ten minutes long, and so chock full of ideas and peaks and valleys that some deliver an album’s-worth. Few albums, at least lately, […]