Beware Dark Destruction

I’m repairing my washing machine while listening to Jandek’s Glasgow Monday. Jandek is reminding me that some people have it worse.

Speaking of disturbed Texans: Since the prez played politics with it first, with his self-serving and needless press conference yesterday, I feel no shame at saying the V-Tech massacre makes me once again furious that, for example, if he so chose to, any psychopathic 16-year-old ex-Taliban soldier out on bail for assault could buy a 9 mm handgun with an extended clip from a gun show in VA or TX; gun shows do not have to perform background checks or issue permits. Whooo hah! Bill over at Notes from a Former New Yorker puts it more succinctly.

The comical part of your (he’s not mine) president’s press conference:
“I told them that my administration would do everything possible to assist with the investigation …”
Yeah. The VA cops must be jumping at the bit to get W., Cheney, and Rove to whip out their magnifying glasses and fabricate some clues. The A-Team: An awol reservist, a war profiteer, and a probable felon (who left a now-convicted aide holding the bag). They couldn’t frame a picture.

And for those of you who say people kill people, not guns: ok. Let’s change it to this:
People kill people. Guns help them kill lots at once. Better?

But the real reason we need lax gun laws: The German Army is preparing to invade the Bronx.