Your spring assignment: The Cannanes

In contradiction to my attempts to maintain high standards, I have a predeliction (fetish?) for some things Perfectly Broken, or, more succinctly put in rock critic lingo, the DIY aesthetic. It’s how the Fall and Pere Ubu get away with being pretentious. They’re ‘garage bands,’ in that they do what they do without arena-filling, like […]

Paavoharju, or, the Big Finnish

Today with the Ipud on shuffle I lucked into the Shins’ “Caring is Creepy” for the first time in a while; it’s one of two truly worthwhile songs on their debut, but it reminded me that I need to sell my copy of Chutes and Ladders, their sophomore dud; if you thought the Shins had […]

Storming Heaven with Shearwater

Total work paralysis today. So I surf, and reluctantly come across reviews like this, a gross overestimation of Television’s Marquee Moon. Sure, it’s a good record, maybe even a landmark of sorts, but there’s also some tedious guitar-noodle wankery on there, along with ‘poetic’ lyrics, which are always a bad thing in rock and roll. […]

And now for this public service announcement

“”We’ve been a remarkably stable administration, and I think that’s good for the country,” he [Bush] said.” — today’s NY Times. I know this blog is meant to studiously avoid politics, but I can’t let this quote pass. Is this a lie, or is he just stupid? As usual, it’s both, and there’s nothing worse […]

Nikki Sudden Goes to the Jangle Town in the Sky

Nikki Sudden died Sunday at age 49. If you don’t know him, Bitchfork has a nice little obit here. No mention on how he died, but for one thing, his family could use an uplifting next ten years — Sudden’s brother, Epic Soundtracks, hanged himself in 1997. Together they formed Swell Maps in the seventies, […]

Wesley Willis with Taco Bell-induced salmonella

March Madness for music geeks! There’s only one other month for us that counts, and that’s Rocktober, when the x-mas push has labels dropping oodles of product. This March/April seems more plentiful than most, although some of those highly prized releases will undoubtedly suck. Richard Hawley is sold out at Sin-e tonight. His song “Born […]