Big Love: My Impression Now

Watched the pilot episode of Big Love last night. Whatever one can hate about an HBO series, you certainly cannot accuse them of sacrificing authenticity to save a buck like the networks, who will film something like Law & Order half in NYC and half on obvious LA sets while they’ll only get about 65% […]

Every Guided By Voices has a Beatnik Filmstars

The Beatnik Filmstars have the poor luck to have been born around the time Guided By Voices experience a fruitful, early nineties adolescence. They’re mostly the result of songwriter Andrew Jarrett’s manic outpouring of material — a regular Beatnik Filmstars album includes around 20 songs, most hovering near the 2.5 minute mark, each different in […]

Every Pavement has a Silkworm

A few posts ago, with regards to success vs. artistic endeavor in music, I misquoted David Bowie’s infamous statement ‘it’s not who does it first, it’s who does it second.’ Sorry to get all High Fidelity and create a new list, but let’s get to those bands/artists who Do It First, too, but have the […]

I Love You But I’ve Chosen Ganger

There’s a fine line between homage and rip-off, too. I recently grabbed an mp3 of “According to Plan” by I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness from some blog (and I apologize for not remembering whom) and amid their swell job of transporting and reforming the semiotics of mid-eighties emo-pop, there arose a guitar figure, […]

Guess What? Your Favorite Albums Suck

Eveyone has a personal canon. How many times have you been told ‘yo, you don’t own that record?’ and then you waste $ on a CD that could be better used (after smashing it) as something sharp to stab the artist who created it? Yeah. When I’m feeling nice, I’d just say these records were […]

And a thousand bloggers ran to their keyboards.

DISCLAIMER: The Oscars suck moldy cow-udder as a rule. Ok. Read on. Crash was the biggest batch of horseshit I’ve seen on screen in a long long time. First of all, does no one one recall the insipid Grand Canyon or the better, but flawed City of Hope both failing at the issues-ensemble-drama, a genre […]

Drums in the Hokkaido Surf

I’m neither Japanophile or -phobe, so it’s by chance this week that I’ve been reading Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore and listening to Boris’s latest record, Pink. Which made me dig up their countrymen&women’s the Boredoms’ Seadrum/House of Sun, specifically the track Seadrum, a monstrous beast offering an outpouring of free piano, wordless singing, […]