Wesley Willis with Taco Bell-induced salmonella

March Madness for music geeks! There’s only one other month for us that counts, and that’s Rocktober, when the x-mas push has labels dropping oodles of product. This March/April seems more plentiful than most, although some of those highly prized releases will undoubtedly suck.

Richard Hawley is sold out at Sin-e tonight. His song “Born Under a Bad Sign” is the one-and-only lullaby that my daughter will let me sing to her at bedtime. I know, I know, this blog is where I’m supposed to not talk about my kid, because it’s all I do everyhwhere else, but although she’s only 14 months, she has coolkid tastes (recently, the Clientele makes her sing) and therefore influences this blog. She’s so fly she wears courdoroys and a Pixies shirt sometimes. Really.

Here she is selecting the morning music this past July.

And later this January, abusing a jukebox in Puerto Rico:

But suddenly all is good – I have two tix to Os Mutantes at Webster Hall in July. They haven’t played since 19-seventy-etc, and not many times even back then. And if I can’t make it, at least the tix will go for mad guap on craigslist.

I’ve posted on Wizardzz before, but now I own their Hidden City of Taurmond Lp, and it’s swell. There’s some dumb, aimless filler, but overall this Lightning Bolt side-project proves that whether it’s weirdo synths and crazy drums, as here, or barrages of drum&bass speed metal (Lightning Bolt, USA is a Monster, Hella), this is the new punk.

The follwing track combines the opening drum break of U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and butters it with moog/prophet-like bloopy-bleepy that sounds smack out of an early 80s Genesucks record, just without the Monstrous Horror of Phill Collins and the Other Two Shitheads making it all sound like Wesley Willis on the john after a bout of Taco Bell-induced salmonella.

Hey, it’s time for lunch, isn’t it.

Wizardzz – Chasing Our Shadow


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  1. Holy shit. That’s almost why I shouldn’t visit. Know anyone who’ll send me free music? I’m considering a trip somehow in the future — will take discussion/luck/cheap fare/mom&kid go to relatives type timing if I come kid-less. We’ll see.


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