A Total Debridement of the Heart: Other Music

Deerhoof released a new record, “The Magic,” today. Shelve it with their focused, non genre-tributary releases. Under Deerhoof: Rawk.   In 2003, I bought my first Deerhoof record, “Apple ‘O,” at Other Music, which closes tomorrow.   Opposite to interstellar alignments, rock-bottoms will sync. Trenches intersect. Lows coincide. Namely, my plum, writerly day-job of nine […]

Autopsy for the Record Industry

Stephen Witt’s superb “How Music Got Free” administers a bone saw to the music industry’s corpse and details the official cause of death with a pathologist’s detail. It’s a slow, circuitous death, and every corner is set in fascinating detail, from Karlheinz Brandenberg’s use of research on the possible spectrum of heard sounds in order […]