Those Formerly Retro Revivalist Non-Pioneers Known as Interpol

There’s been talk, alot of talk, maybe too much talk, about Interpol lately. Okay, it’s entirely as much talk as to be expected when their forthcoming album revs up its publicity machine. And I hear they have a bevy of fans. I also have a sneaky suspicion that their new album breaks from their usual […]

National Day of No Writing

That’d be cool, no? No reason, really, but just to see what would happen if no emails were written, no letters composed. No blogs updated. Among the reams of crappy promos and cds by unsigned bands that should stay unsigned (and not because major labels would mess them up; although labels are so fucked, signing […]

LCD Vice: Separated at Birth

I knew it. Ever since ex-Speedking member James Murphy (you know him as LCD Soundsystem’s main brain) became a camera magnet, he reminded me of someone, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I almost dismissed the feeling. And yet, eureka: I bring you the immortal Detective Stan Switek (actor Michael Talbot) of Miami […]

I Feel Like a Glass Shrimp

I cannot bring you anything other than my procrastination. And the bloopy-bleepies of the moment: Hot Chip – Boy from SchoolOld news, I know, but I’ve been singing this to my daughter, in her stroller, and it makes her laugh. She has her own lyrics to it now, too, which cracks me up. We’re symbiotic […]

Dream Covers Three

How long do narcoleptic pilots dream? Hot Chip will cover Paul McCartney’s “Coming Up” or “Temporary Secretary.” Jay Reatard will cover Nervous Norvus’ “Transfusion” The Drones will cover These Immortal Souls’ “Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)” R. Kelly will cover Curtis Mayfield’s “(Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below We’re All Going to Go” Interpol will […]

Dogs Started Attacking my Saline Implants

Enough of good taste. Let’s discuss the greatest ‘tardcore record ever recorded, Sockeye’s 1993 effort Retards Hiss Pass My Window. Actually, it’s the best record ever recorded in any genre. It features my favorite protest song of all time: Sockeye – Destroy EverythingAnd I must quote: Destroy everythinga bunch of retards fucked your momand beat […]

Not Just Upper Class Affluent White People

Books. With her review of the new Ian McEwan, Michiko Kakutani once again proves that when she pans a book, it’s actually worth reading (I’ll spare you the list). As if you were looking for it, here’s a nice spoof of DeLillo’s The Falling Man from the Guardian. And now Helen Schulman has a 9/11 […]