When You Know That Chic’s Rhythm Section Is Neither Litigous Nor Alive …

… you make an album like Justice’s “Cross.”

Ok, it’s some marginally nice glitsch-disco, but that’s all it is, much like the other ed banger stuff. It overstays its welcome by about a minute per track, al la most bloopy-bleepy. They’ll do fine, though, benefiting as they will by Vice’s WarnerBros-paid and aggressive (and therefore often annoying) marketers.

Albanian thieves do the right thing and steal the president’s watch. This is awesome. You know you’re the Worst President Ever when Albania gives you your only warm welcome outside Hicksville USA.

Albania. They’d publicly love a ferret if it brought them apples.

Anyone speak any Albanian? Get in touch with me, and we’ll put my old timex on Ebay and see what what happens.

Nice to see Leonard Michaels getting the caononical treatment he deserves. Twelve years ago a much better writer than I shoved his books into my hands. I was skeptical, but that was before I read them all in a weekend. More than a handful of his short stories are some of the best pieces the form has to offer.

I had a file to post, but it got away from me, or bored me, or something else.