I Feel Like a Glass Shrimp

I cannot bring you anything other than my procrastination. And the bloopy-bleepies of the moment:

Hot Chip – Boy from School
Old news, I know, but I’ve been singing this to my daughter, in her stroller, and it makes her laugh. She has her own lyrics to it now, too, which cracks me up. We’re symbiotic like that.

Telepathe – Sinister Militia (thanks to 20 Jazz Funk Greats)
I really should dig out my Unclassics cd, that ‘ol morgan geist-curated comp.

If you live in Brooklyn and know where I live, or you can be trusted, email me for the address of my ridiculous vinyl and cd sale this Saturday after 10 am. Everything must go.

A Nazi died today. Make a wish.


4 thoughts on “I Feel Like a Glass Shrimp

  1. Any chance you’ll share the daughter’s alterna-lyrics?P.S. You wouldn’t be parting with any promos in that sale of yours now, would you?


  2. EB: Promos? Huh? I have no idea what you could ever possibly mean.And Bill: not all of it. Choices. You just … can’t…listen… to it all, I realized.And we’re moving to Manhattan.


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