I strike the mike as quick as a snakebite

Tomorrow I travel to the midwest, cornfields and all. A great plains state. The new job’s duties are almost in hand, and the child is recovering well from her Ailment that Required Antibiotics (not serious, but still), along with much sleeping in mommy and dady’s bed. Little Parnell was milking the care quotient on that […]

You say piano, I say yo la piano

Please don’t expect much from J Frank for a while. Certainly not daily entries. Closing shop on the old job last week killed any writing time. And when blogger or ezarchive were/are down, which lately seems like always, I can’t wait around. Certainly not this week, learning the new stuff from the old boss, whom […]

Under my embarrassed radar

I’ve been a weak blogger of late, despite Excuses I’ve got, I promise. As penance, here, I will reveal that I missed the second Little Killers album, A Real Good One, last April, on Gern Blandsten. I have no idea how I slept on this one, having enjoyed their self titled debut, on Crypt rekkids, […]

I’ve Been Crowned By Hate

If I started a band, it would be known as The Island of Dr. Zizmor. Just sayin’. Dipping deeply into The Celibate Rifles in the past few days has journeyed me onward to my ‘ol love of These Immortal Souls, a solo project of Rowland S. Howard following the demise of the Birthday Party and […]

You Can Look Too Cool on the Street

Please, people walking down Broadway: Do not affect that angry/serious face when you want to seem importnat and good looking – it doesn’t work. Smile. You’re in NYC at the turn of the century, living in interesting times, positive or not, and you’re probably not too poor. Stop that awful squinting and cheek sucking. And […]