Ignoring That Which Gives Meaning and Purpose to Criminals

If Televison was the backing band for Arthur Russell:

The Whitest Boy AliveDone with You

Another project of Norway’s Erlend Oye, he of the soft-folk, Simon and Garfunkel-esque Kings of Convenience, and of his own electro-dj collaboration solo albums, and of Odin knows what else. Whitest Boy Alive does a nice job surrounding Oye with a live sounding cocoon of light funk and clear, smart guitar playing. Very Verlaine, more restraint. So Television, you all know, but in case you don’t know of cellist and producer Arthur Russell, get hip to his almost corny new wave pop, recorded before his demise to AIDS in 1992. This is from Calling Out of Context. Very Bright Lights Big City feeling, at least to me.

Arthur Russell — Get Around to It

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