Klaus Nomi Hits the Iceberg

Antonioni died a day after Bergman. How about that? Last night, while deadening the brain with some good channel surfing, I happened upon an awful FUSE(?) American-Idol-type competition for unsigned rock bands, which I won’t even name. The bands are uniformly horrible: there’s the ska band, the bloc-party wannabees, the Soundgarden ripoffs, the rap-rockers (with […]

You Can That on TV

But rest in peace also Tom Snyder, because he was always game, and into it. In the early eighties, this was all there was, cause MTV sucked already. viva youtube; His best sparring was with John Lydon. They should have had a show together. Interviewing Kiss The Clash playing “The Magnificent Seven” on Tom Snyder’s […]

The Nonchalant Terrorist We Invented

Bergman dies and everything goes to shit. But, as I learned last night in Old Joy, “sorrow is just joy worn out” or some such malarkey. Nice flick, though. Will Oldham really should act more. Tell you a secret: he once took a movie part away from J Frank’s ghostwriter. But I got to meet […]

Crowded Housewife

I can’t possibly have come up with the name ‘Crowded Housewife’ for a band. If I did, hahahaha. You know? I’m celebrating the completion of one tech-writing job with some random thoughts: Flight of the Conchords makes laugh, often quite hard. Give it a chance. Murray kills me. I would very much like to hear […]

Writing Copy for Sasha-Frere Jones

On April 16, in this here blog, I wrote about Battles: “… even the “Atlas” single grates – it sounds like an Alvin and the Chipmunks version of a Gary Glitter song.” In this week’s New Yorker, Sasha Frere-Jones writes (although usually an alright writer, this takes him two sentences packed with passive-voice constructions): “Atlas,” […]

Savoir Faire of the NJ Burbs

Hey lookie: although it’s not a cover, Les Savy Fav has recorded a Versus song! Close your eyes and imagine it’s 1997. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Les Savy Fav (and most Versus) up to a point. I own LSV’s first slew of singles on vinyl. I saw more than one of their first […]

Tonight I Take My Suitcase of Tumors to the Airport

Yeah. Overblown title, as always. Did some digging into the backlog of Jay Reatard, in that I marginally slept on the Reatards, the teenage solo/trio/duo project Mr. Reatard (ne Mr. Lindsay) conjured in his hometown of Memphis in the late nineties. Nice chapter, some well-done garage punk that blows away current practitioners like the Black […]

I Started It

(First off, a new dream cover just occurred to me: The Smiths doing Del Shannon’s “Runaway.”) I’m sometimes so behind the times I’m prehistoric, but dammit, I was way early being onto the unfortunate popularity of the National, oh, back on May 7. Sure, I compared them to another pedestrian band of the early nineties, […]