Crowded Housewife

I can’t possibly have come up with the name ‘Crowded Housewife’ for a band. If I did, hahahaha. You know?

I’m celebrating the completion of one tech-writing job with some random thoughts:

Flight of the Conchords makes laugh, often quite hard. Give it a chance. Murray kills me.

I would very much like to hear Kelly Clarkson cover John Waite’s “Change.” Yeah, you heard me. It’s essentially the same song, structurally, as “Since You’ve Been Gone.” Same key and notes in the chorus, too, I think. Mash-up, please?

And this makes me laugh heartily, and I did make this one up: Separated at birth: Christine “Just Followin’ Orders” Todd Whitman, former Gov of NJ and EPA head, and Cy “Stand or Fall” Curnin, formerly of the Fixx (he’s bottom center, if you didn’t know):

Hey Christie, where’s my pension?

See my other sep at birth from June.

I’m going to the park with my kid. Bye.


2 thoughts on “Crowded Housewife

  1. just a little comment – Cy is still with his Fixx mates – they just finished a tour of the US. They’ll go ’round again in November.


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