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Mail Call.

Jagjaguwar sent some treats concerning Oakley Hall, and the following track, while my socks aren’t flying off, confirms said label’s dedication to good things. Oakley Hall does a quality job channeling their X influences. If they work hard and add some new wrinkles to what X has minted, I’ll still be listening.

Oakley Hall –Lazy Susan

Also received tracks pushing the launched solo career of Dave Vandervelde, who’s not entirely new to the game, although his press release will have you believe that his efforts are more grassroots. A quick google reveals he’s not new to recording, unless he’s got a name doppleganger. And I hear a major is ‘a-courtin. His Bee-Gees/T. Rex channeling, while welcome, doesn’t spring from a well of any savantism. He can access real session people, or play it himself, it seems. Word on his live shows seems positive.

But I won’t be caring. This may be apostasy, but T. Rex bore me only a little less that the Bee Gees. Ok, T. Rex bore me much less, but I was so (and still am) underwhelmed by their albums back when I bought them that there’s lingering resentment. Maybe Bolan didn’t live long enough. I love the T. Rex hits, don’t get me wrong; but there’s no reason to recycle Bolan’s style without great but different songwriting, because his songwriting didn’t always hold up.

Dave Vandervelde – Jacket

Bolan’s best song was “Tainted Love,” anyway, and that one he pretended he didn’t write – it’s credited to producer Ed Cobb, but c’mon, just listen to it, and it was first recorded by Bolan’s girlfriend and baby momma, Gloria Jones, who, btw, was supposedly driving when Bolan died. I’m sure Soft Cell put her kid through college. It was a classy move by Bolan.

Gloria Jones – Tainted Love


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