Swimming with the Stingrays

Large change forthcoming in the world of J Phranc Parnell’s ghostwriter.

Details never to follow. At least not here.

Don’t ask yet.

So these:

Michael Hall When September Comes

Got this on a Safe House Records (site down?) comp known as The [W]rec[k] Room, Volume One. Hall hails from TX and did time in the Wild Seeds. I’d like to say more, because I like this track, and it helps me not post Big Star like lesser blogs out there, but I can’t.

John FaheyThe Approaching of the Disco Void

From his 1980 or 81 Live in Tasmania, one of the best $3 vinyl treasure finds I can claim. Emusic has it up now for download complete with a swell written review by some nerd named Thurston Moore.


2 thoughts on “Swimming with the Stingrays

  1. i liked your little rant over at cindy cool shirts, tomorrow am I’ll have the world exclusive!! (like anyone cares) of new music from Michael Hall. I don’t have this reccord/song so thanks


  2. thanks for the rant love; especially thanks for the new michael hall – ‘like anyone cares’ is right and sad. Machine prbs have me delayed on having the track, but I’ll have it soon.


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