Under my embarrassed radar

I’ve been a weak blogger of late, despite Excuses I’ve got, I promise. As penance, here, I will reveal that I missed the second Little Killers album, A Real Good One, last April, on Gern Blandsten. I have no idea how I slept on this one, having enjoyed their self titled debut, on Crypt rekkids, so much. Maybe Gern spent nothing on promotion. Maybe I lose brain cells faster than I think I do with the little I have left already.

This isn’t complicated stuff by any stretch, which is funny, because so many people get it wrong. The LKs’s are nothing more than a garage band, but there’s some sort of shimmy in there, maybe a boogie, that reminds me of how Little Richard would run a garage band. The Stooges are probably pretty important to them, but I suspect also the Sonics and Chuck Berry.

I’ve seen them a handful of times around their native(?) NYC, and I recall hearing the lead singer might have done time in the Sea Monkeys, a band run by WFMU Dj Dave the Spazz. I also suspect I dj-ed a show of theirs once. That might have been one of those years I don’t remember.

And the LKs aren’t exclusively boy stuff – the women in this trio outnumber the men 2 to one. But he gets to sing.

Emusic has both for download.

From A Real Good One:

The Little Killers – Don’t Leave Me

The Little Killers – You Better Be Right

From their self titled debut–

The Little Killers —Happy

The Little Killers — Spider


7 thoughts on “Under my embarrassed radar

  1. Aren’t they from Cincinnati? Anyway, the best band from Athens was Sockeye, but Afghans did me right with <>Up In It<>, <>Congregation<>, and some of <>Gentlemen<>, and then I sign off.


  2. Never heard of them before now, and now I wish I hadn’t. They’re not awful, just annoying. Dave Matthews started their label, ATO, didn’t he? I hope he made some other, more fruitful investments.


  3. Heard one song, and, well, it was better than then Superchunk. In fact, it was pretty catchy. Heck, I’m gonna start my own blog, call it, “Better than Superchunk.” By the way, the New Yo La Tengo sounds like those boys are back to form.


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