That’s Not All Folks

From the Department of Getting it Off my Chest: In last week’s Pitchfork panning of the Finches’ Human Like a House (which was the lead review until 8 am that morning, btw) reviewer Adam Moerder drops this preposterous thought:However, like mom and pop stores or VHS cassettes, the Finches have trouble competing with 21st century […]

Miles Standish Proud

Channel surfing through my general depression last night, I happened to catch REM’s induction (previously recorded) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame*. If you were still undecided about ignoring REM sans Bill Berry, here was your reason to cut the chord after BB’s aneurysm-inspired departure. With Berry again, they launch into “Begin the […]

Can Anyone Make An Album That Sounds Like Amelia Earhart’s Distress Signals Coming Across a Shortwave at Night in Wyoming? I Challenge You

Exclusive! The new Clientele single paraprases or at least nods to the Beatles’ “You Know My Name (Look Up the Number).” Pitchfork misses it, writing …Clientele more forward in every conceivable way: “You got my name/ Pick up my number/ Come on darling/ Let’s be lovers.” Maybe he’s in character, but lead singer and songwriter […]