Big Business is Always Good

I’ll tell you one thing – start a music blog, slag some fave bands, earn some good activity in the comments section. But write about books? Holy catshit. And I’m not complaining, but wow. The comments section comes alive like Kiss. And I haven’t yet written: David Mitchell’s Black Swan Green? quality. Eliot Perlman’s Seven […]

Metal Ditties of No Tone

Today I’m feeling Deerhoof, makers of wig-out rock, daunting in the description department but here goes with: 10-year-old boy vocals by Japanese woman, small kit bellows big beat, munchabunch guitar, bounce bass. Dance if you’re dusted on the dark shit, the no peace and love shit. Imagine Led Zeppelin if they were good, and listened […]

Grant McLennan: 1958 -2006

Waking to an overcast spring morning, thankful the pollen can’t fly like yesterday, there’s news; the passing of a musician I’d been taking for granted. There was a time when Grant McLennan’s music was all I could stand. And then the clock turns/ and it’s now It wasn’t always shits and giggles. When McLennan returned […]

Your Heroes Are Not Heroic: Career Edits, part II

Heard the new Replacements song. It only makes me do this again: The Black Keys:Didn’t the Allman Brothers do this already? Gang of Four:Or, The One Album Wonder. Mission of Burma:See Gang of Four. The Stone Roses: Three songs: “I Wanna Be Adored,” “One Love,” and “I Am The Resurrection.” Lou Reed:A few VU records […]

The Best Guitar Solo Ever

is the end of the Replacements’ “Sixteen Blue.” (with a close second to the entire 0:42 of the Minutemen’s cover of VH’s “Ain’t Talkin ‘Bout Love”). We’re talking economy + melody + skill + timing + inspiration + no Van Halen masturbation. And the guitarist, like Bob, should always be kinda retarded, so the solo […]

In the dead of night, love bites

Yeah, I’m a baseball fan and last night’s Boston v Yankees battle had me glued in disgust. You walk David Ortiz. Buck Showalter would’ve. This is how I feel: But that’s Ty Cobb. Racist, sure, although you couldn’t argue with how he played the game. You also can’t argue with another good song from the […]

I’m ready to accept hatred

After delighting in their mope-electro “Girl and the Sea” single, what I’ve heard from the new Presets album just bites the dog testicles. Songs, gentlemen, make for real electro. The new Built to Spill, You in Reverse, has a paltry one good track, and we’ve unfortunately been hearing it for months, because it was the […]