Dream Covers #34: The Literary Edition

Gabriel Garcia Marquez will write the next Batman movie.

Dream Covers #345267

And I don’t sleep enough to dream these days, but: Will Oldham & Neko Case will cover “Islands In the Stream” (or did they already?) Britney Spears will cover the Frogs’ “Which One of You gave My Daughter the Drugs?”

Dream Covers #3425: The Del Shannon Dream Tribute Album.

Shearwater will cover Tim Buckley’s “Phantasmagoria in Two.” Tim Buckley – Phantasmagoria in Two Cat Power will cover “Thinkin’ It Over” by Charles Westover, better known as Del Shannon, who dropped one album under the name his parents gave him, in 1968, entitled The Further Adventures of Charles Westhover.Del Shannon/Charles Westover – “Thinkin’ It Over” […]

Dream Covers # 5436.6

Scott Walker will cover “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” with Kronos Quartet. Although that’s predictable, if mind-blowing. Let’s say Walker will please cover Xiu Xiu’s “I Broke Up (SJ).” Radiohead will cover Roky Erickson’s “I Have Always Been Here Before”I Met Rocky [sic] Erickson – Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair The Drones will cover the Scientists’ “We […]

I Started It

(First off, a new dream cover just occurred to me: The Smiths doing Del Shannon’s “Runaway.”) I’m sometimes so behind the times I’m prehistoric, but dammit, I was way early being onto the unfortunate popularity of the National, oh, back on May 7. Sure, I compared them to another pedestrian band of the early nineties, […]

Dream Covers Three

How long do narcoleptic pilots dream? Hot Chip will cover Paul McCartney’s “Coming Up” or “Temporary Secretary.” Jay Reatard will cover Nervous Norvus’ “Transfusion” The Drones will cover These Immortal Souls’ “Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)” R. Kelly will cover Curtis Mayfield’s “(Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below We’re All Going to Go” Interpol will […]

More Dream Covers

Can’t … stop … Cat Power – “Cat Scratch Fever” by Ted Nugent Lightning Bolt – “In a Big Country” by Big Country R. Kelly — “Teenage Riot” by Sonic Youth Alice Cooper – “Alice’s Restaurant” by Woody Guthrie (the political frisson alone makes my head explode” Chicago – “The Night Chicago Died” by Paper […]

Dream Covers part 2

Joanna Newsom – “Idle hands Are the Devil’s Playthings” Palace Brothers Boredoms – “Kings of the Wild Frontier” Adam and the Ants Bjork – Any X-ray Spex Animal Collective – “Elvira” by the Statler Brothers (that was them, right?)