13 Shoegaze Albums Pitchfork Missed

I’ve always considered shoegaze the “I know it when I hear it” genre. For much of Pitchfork’s new “50 Best Shoegaze Albums of All Time” list, I have no qualms. My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless belongs at number one, and Ride’s Nowhere and Slowdive’s Souvlaki could interchange between #2 and #3, I really don’t care. I love the inclusion of Mercury Rev […]

00s Movie Scores You Missed

Time to go deep into the last decade, as far as unsung movie scores, now that I’ve gone deep in the 80s and deep again in the 90s. When it came to compilations, the ’00s were flush with comebacks. Kevin Shields returned for Lost in Translation. Oh Brother Where Art Thou? completed Ralph Stanley’s long-overdue crossover from […]

Medium Rare and Not-So-Lost 1990s Movie Scores

Back before the Compact Disc became a deer in Napster’s headlights, soundtrack compilations were king. Bands enjoyed real paydays by landing tracks on Love Jones, Wild Wild West, or Pulp Fiction, or Trainspotting.  Yet, with rare exceptions, most 1990s soundtrack comps trafficked in forgettable chart-eaters and shitloads of filler, some of it not even appearing in the accompying […]