Your List is On My Kiss: 2007 In My Nutshell

Now with downloads! Act fast, bandits & varmints …

Why not just a list? A list of things. No specific number but the one the list leaves. No “top” anything, just the best things, whatever art. A list that functions as only a list.

Maybe the confines of a single year will be applied, but then only to define the time in which these particular things pleased me. These things need not have been made or released in said year. What’s the point of calling anything the best [whatever] of 2007 when it could have been made in 2006 or maybe earlier?

Why must I leave out a record released in November of 2006 if I spent almost all of 2007 listening to it? That’s 2007’s fault for being shitty.

2007 made good with:

Les Savy Fav – “Patty Lee”
Boris & Michio Kurihara – Rainbow
Electrelane – No Shouts No Calls
PJ Harvey – “White Chalk” (title track only)
LCD Soundsystem – “Get Innocuous” (blatant Scott Walker impression, but it works)
(LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous; soulwax remix)
Liars-Liars and I don’t even like them. Liars – Freak Out [it’s not incomplete]
Jandek on Corwood DVD (2003, but I saw it in 2007)
Paul Duncan – “Red Eagle”
Yeasayer – All Hour Cymbals (Yeasayer – Sunrise)
The fourth season of the Wire
Soft Circle – Full Bloom (Soft Circle – Untitled)
Nick Jaina & the 7 Stations – “Maybe Cocaine”
Shearwater – Palo Santo Expanded (Shearwater – White Waves)
Deerhunter – Cryptograms
Flight of the Conchords
Allesandro Stefana – Poste e Telegraphi (Allesandro Stefana – Western Soda)
The reissue of Seefeel’s 1993 album Quique
Oakley Hall – I’ll follow You (Oakley Hall – No Dreams)
Radiohead“All I Need” and “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi”
The announcement of Big Dipper’s reunion shows coming in 2008
Big Dipper – All Going Out Together
Big Dipper – When Men Were Trains
Jay Reatard live in NYC, all 20 minutes of him. And then being introduced when he walked into a bar much later that night. And his album Blood Visions, although it was 2006, because y’all slept on it. (Jay Reatard – Don’t Let Him Come Back; Go-betweens cover!)
Ditto for the Drones’ Gala Mill (The Drones – Jezebel)

In 2007 I was excited for but ultimately disappointed by:
Richard Hawley’s Lady’s bridge
MIA – Kala
Pharoahe Monche – Desire
Someone covering an Indio song
Dinosaur Jr. – Beyond
Beirut – The Flying Club Cup (maybe I wasn’t even excited)
Crowded House’s new album
Jens Lekman – Night Falls on Kortedala
Animal Collective – Strawberry Jam
Kate Bush –Aerial
That new Okkervil River album, what was it called? Yeah.
Any good new hip hop (although Kanye came close)
Human Giant. The mix-tape battle was great, but otherwise, human giant failure.

2007 Would have been improved without:
Eddie Vedder covering an Indio song
ATP failing to commission Ride to play their Nowhere album in entirety. There’s always 2008.
The Ponys
The Shins leaving “Split Needles (Alt Take)” off their album. The whole album needed an alt take.
Missing 77Boadrum
People with good taste loooooving the National
Jay-Z as both executive and resurrected MC (well, at least for def jam, 2007 would have been better without him)
Sunset Rubdown
Grizzly Bear’s Friend EP. I love the two albums, but this was like hearing paint peel. More boring than C-Span while on meth.
Blitzen Trapper. See above.
A new Smashing Pumpkins album
Lee Hazlewood dying
And most everything else


8 thoughts on “Your List is On My Kiss: 2007 In My Nutshell

  1. haha you like oakley hall, shearwater and paul duncan yet call grizzly bear boring like watching paint peel?HAHAHAyou’ve got pretty bad taste and are clearly wrong.


  2. My 2007 would have been a lot better if I made time for The Wire. (My mom burned the entire season onto DVDs for me even though I have HBO and a TiVo and I still can’t fit it in. But it’s my loss.)PS I heard Electrelane is on “indefinite hiatus.”


  3. Your life will be better if you make time for the Wire, if you haven’t seen other seasons. DVD is the best way to watch, cause you’ll watch four episodes in a row once you’re into itYeah, electrelane is prob kaput. Two have side projects, and when i saw them live in ’04, it was clear that Verity Sussman is such a Musician that she doesn’t need a band for whatever else she decides to accomplish in the future. She switched btwn piano and sax and guitar like they were toys. She’s One of Those People Who Can Play Anything.


  4. They don’t rock. They spazz.But: I feel my response can be best communicated through cinema:Remember the scene in <>Jaws<> when Quint draws his fingernails down a chalkboard to get everyone’s attention? Krug’s vocals. Sounds like a clown doing a Dave Matthews’ impression. Like Adam Duritz fronting a high school band. Like someone shaking a pig. Call me a purist, but this is Bad Singing, this forced affect. See Clap Your Hands Say Bullshit. This vocalese makes Geddy Lee sound like Scott Walker.And I don’t believe Krug. Multi-tracking does not emotion make.Remember the Ewok scene in <>Return of the Jedi<>? When they sing? Imagine Yes doing a cover of their song: Sunset Rubdown.“The Mending of the Gown”? Bon Jovi’s “Runaway” crossed with Konono #1. I don’t need this. “Up on Your Leopard”? I see a magical forest and the dwarves gathering, maybe a scene from <>Leprechaun<> … but I want to hear Dio, or Celtic Frost.“Setting Vs. Rising” “For the Pier (and dead shimmering)” are both good reasons not to edit a high school lit mag. The later might be one of their rare moments where they let a song build some drama. Otherwise, we’re always immediately thrust into the stratosphere. My neck hurts.Some arrangements intrigue – “Trumpet Trumpet etc” has a nice breakdown where the multiple parts do not overcrowd, for once, but lock. Then again, Krug is quiet here. “Mending of the Gown” sports a solid moment or two, but Krug needs to silence himself more often.I could go back in time to earlier work, but why?And wasn’t that “Swan Lake” foray just an abject dog? I’ve been more entertained during dental work.I can’t imagine myself ever singing a Sunset Rubdown song by chance while walking down the street. Can you imagine Kim Deal kicking back with SR on the stereo? Didn’t think so.Where are the guest lists that hate? I’ll post em if they’ve got em …


  5. thanks for the reply. i enjoy your blog tremendously, especially when i have no idea what you’re talking about.i’m still not sure how i feel about “random spirit lover”. i love their first album but this one is exhausting.


  6. <>i enjoy your blog tremendously, especially when i have no idea what you’re talking about.<>Thanks – that’s actually high praise, no sarcasm intended. You’re exactly the type of reader I value. When I was young, sometimes <>Maximum Rock and Roll<> mystified me. But I pledged my allegiance to its fuckyou-itude, and I think I’m healthier for it. They never lied to me.


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