Just Dropped in to Funk What My Funk Was In

The Smiths on a kids’ show circa 1984. This is what you sometimes get when you type the names of bands into the search field at YouTube.

The best track on Night Ripper, the mash-up set of the moment by Girl Talk, is “Summer Smoke.” I will post it tomorrow if the mood strikes.

Recently the daughter has been digging “How Long” by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, which, for you, makes me dig out a great funk comp of new soul stuff in the vein of (and including) Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. At first I suspected all songs were performed by the same dudes, but not so. Not all covers, either, but here I offer three covers, all from Hot Funky and Sweaty: The Sound of Heavy Soul and Funk Today on Hard Soul Records. Like Glenn Close offering rabbit stew, Kenny Rogers covers should not be ignored.

A thought: Wouldn’t it be great if the singer did a duet with the pitcher?

The Boogaloo InvestigatorsHeartbreaker

The Gene Drayton UnitTeenage Kicks

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings — Just Dropped In to See what Condition My Condition Was In


3 thoughts on “Just Dropped in to Funk What My Funk Was In

  1. Sharon Jones and the Daps live is the closest I’m going to come to feeling the spirit. Caught them at the Continental Club here last year, and had to check the adult undies for dampness. They’re that good.Bill


  2. My favorute YouTube find was dinosaur jr. (after Lou) playing the Jenny Jones show and sucking ass.


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