I’d Rather Be Bob Stinson in His Coffin than Lou Reed in his Limo: Top Albums & Tracks of 2009

Goodbye to the Sextape Decade.

Albums, no order:

The Clean – Mister Pop
The greatest band formed before 1980 and still making music.

Wilderness – (K)no(w)here
Really an EP, but I’ll take anything. Pre-attack music for pirates.

Future of the Left – Travels with Myself and Another
McClusky can be made a dim memory if FotL’s records continue to be this angry and catchy.

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou – Vol 2: Echoes Hypnotiques
A reissue, but a total holy shit moment: 1) the best drummer I may have ever heard 2) beats not invented for another 10 years 3) a guitarist who sounds like Ira Kaplan back when Kaplan was in diapers 4) a mixture of funk and Latin styles from lands (Benin, Niger) forgotten by current African pop revisionists. This was so previously lost on the world that you can be sure that any schmuck who says “oh yeah, I knew about those guys back in 19–” is a total, fucking, liar.

The Soft Pack – The Muslims EP
Chickenshit name change notwithstanding, the best rock band you’re about to hear about. New record drops Feb ’10. Latest single is the shzzzt.

Lou Barlow – Goodnight Unknown
A sentimental choice, but his reunion with himself is his only worthwhile reunion.

Cold Cave – Love Comes Close
DIY punk-bloopy bleepy with big beats and mutant beauty.

Here We Go Magic -s/t
You’ll believe me if/when they make another record.

A Place to Bury Strangers – Exploding Head
How these pedal-inventing shoegazers continue to kick ass so consistently is beyond me. I’m not selling my Skywave singles, thanks.

Bon Iver – “Blood Bank” Wow.

Morrissey – “Something is Squeezing My Skull”
Delorean –“Big Dipper”
David Byrne and Brian Eno – “Strange Overtones”
The Clientele -“Share the Night”
The XX – “Islands”
The Presets -“If I Know You”
Wild Beasts – “The Devil’s Crayon”
Micachu & the Shapes – “Lips”
Mos Def – “Auditorium (Ft Slick Rick)”
Viva Voce – “Red Letter Day”
Super Furry Aninals – “The Very Best of Neil Diamond”
Clark – “Growl’s Garden”
Art Brut – “The Replacements”
Bat For Lashes – “Daniel”
Papercuts – “Future Primitive”

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  1. As always you've given me a bunch of stuff to check out. Overall I think '09 was a pretty good year; even you found a lot to love.


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