We interrupt this list for a translated album review

Pitchfork’s review of the new Franz Ferd album (7.3):

More so than stoking the band’s current commercial prospects, Tonight is an exciting record for what it could potentially spell for Franz Ferdinand’s future– from here, you could just as easily imagine the band further exploring electro-house productions, or stripping their sound down and making a folk record, or delving into tropical laptop-tronic pop.

J Frank’s translation:

It sucks, but we don’t have the balls to say so.


2 thoughts on “We interrupt this list for a translated album review

  1. You’re meaning the Reatard singles collection? Or do you have access to something new since Blood Visions, which I hyped massive, to no avail, for most of late ’06 and ’07 until the hype sucked it up into the clouds soon after? I shook the man’s hand in a bar and he didn’t tell me there was anything new coming


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