Nick Cave Eats Philly Subs

Yeah, it’s good.

I was worried it would be the equivalent of the Honeydrippers for old Led Zep fans.

But see, Plant never had a Warren Ellis.

Cave does.


Grinderman — Don’t Set Me Free

6 thoughts on “Nick Cave Eats Philly Subs

  1. Grinders are Rhode Island and Boston bro. Grinders are good, and to be respected, but not my cup of tea. DE, PA, and NJ just don’t feel the need to melt cheese on a hoagie. NY has no idea at all and should stick to pizza. BTW, the great secret of the East is: NY is not the best pizza. Any hoagie shop in PA, NJ, or DE makes a better pie. NY does many fine things, but hoagies are subpar and pizza is average.


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