El Perro Del BYE BYE

Eventful weekend: got drunk with too-rarely seen friends from the college daze. Ipod on the fritz. Weather we’re going to enjoy, now, but die from later.

On Sun my kid got sideswipped by a speedy, un-leashed dog in Prospect Park. She was okay, and still better, she made her father proud by bidding the Bad Doggie a very, very mean “BYE BYE” through tears. I was even prouder than I was earlier that morning when she requested I play Animal Collective by saying ‘dada make holiday song” (aka “Kids on Holiday” off of their Sung Tongs).

El Perro Del Mar – Dog

Big expensive movie trucks outside the office today. The parking alerts say Spiderman 3.


The Archive of Contemporary Music is having its great sale 6/10-6/18, and I am a mere block or two away. I will go there asap, pretending to do something else more productive. For those who care, I will be buying something on the wall. No more crate digging for top division music bloggers like J Frank. Oh no. That’s why I got a lobotomy.

In the meantime, new music. please weigh in with extreme comments of a type or another:

Grizzly Bear – Deep Sea Diver
Don’t judge it before the drums kick in and then disintegrate to make way for something unexpected and beautiful. It begins with a voice manipulation reminding me of something used on Wall Of Voodoo’s Call of the West album. Which is still great, by the way (and where’s the box set, Stan?).

Camera Obscura — Lloyd, I’m ready to be Heartbroken
Lloyd Cole references are always good. CO is probably gettign too much hype right now – just a solid Glaswegian (?) pop band.

El Perro Del mar – Coming Down the Hill
Not sure where I stand, yet, on this one. A one woman show, with the sad-if-it’s-true real name Sarah Assbring, El P Del M has me wondering whether Kate Bush’ s influence (is this an answer to Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’?) has been properly digested, or if I’m being tricked, again, the same way I was tricked the first time I heard Tori Amos and was impressed by her talent way beyond being able to see how self indulgent and corny she was/is/could be. I was impressed for an afternoon, just in my defense.

El Perro Del Mar – God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get)
The songs are thinnish. There’s a ’60s girl-group influence that isn’t all that arrived-at yet, but promising, nonetheless. We’ll see.

General Plea For Help: Anyone know what I should do with an IPOD that contains a corrupt file?


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  1. That song is pretty damn amazing, although have you heard the new stuff yet? jeezus, it is sooo good. stereogum posted awhile ago, i can’t wait til their album is out.


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